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Numax Steel is a leading Copper Alloy Sheet & Plate manufacturer,Copper Alloy Sheet & Plate exporters & Copper Alloy Sheet & Plate suppliers. With the gigantic development of industrialization alongside the mechanical headway, the interest of copper based products including wire, strip, plates, pads, both exposed and secured has expanded astoundingly. Because of their high conductivity and prevalent dimensional control, Copper sheets and plates are utilized as a part of different commercial enterprises for assorted applications.
Copper Sheets and Plates are utilized as a part of particular commercial enterprises as a result of their different one of a kind qualities including electrical and warm conductivity. Which can not be supplanted by some other non-ferrous material like copper, because of the unrivaled mechanical properties, pliability and formability. These copper strips and plates can be effectively manufactured, welded or fastened.

Copper alloy Plates C101, Copper alloy Plates C110, Copper alloy Plates C210, Copper alloy Plates C220, Copper alloy Plates C102, Copper alloy Plates C103, Copper alloy Plates B170, Copper alloy Plates B379 are made in consistence with the particular requests of various industry areas. These Copper plates are developed to convey most ideal toughness, quality and also resistance against erosion. With the Copper plates made accessible in changed sizes and shapes, here our mastery additionally lies in specially crafting these plates according to customer's particular prerequisites.

These Copper Alloy Sheet & Plate are favored for its ability to give predominant heat transfer, thermal management and high quality in the included procedures. Further, these plates are additionally favored in the submerged marine applications where intrinsic anti-fouling characteristics of Copper aides in keeping microbes and in addition different living beings from getting joined to submerged surfaces.

  • Less heat built-up
  • Better surface finish
  • Longer tool life
  • Enhanced deep hole-making
  • Excellent weld-ability
  • Suitability for mold cores, cavities, and inserts
Grades Copper alloy plate C101, Copper alloy plate C102, Copper alloy plate C103, Copper alloy plate B170, Copper alloy plate B379
Size 500mm to 2800mm width
Thickness 0.04 TO 100 MM
Length From 1250mm up to 2500
Width From 300mm up to 1250mm
  • High tensile strength
  • Less maintenance
  • Precise engineering
  • Applications
  • Automobile industry
  • Chemical equipment firms
  • Condensers, Pressure Vessels etc.
  • Heat exchangers
  • Engraving plates
  • Electric power generation
  • Chemical Composition
    JIS Chemical compositions (%)  
    Cu P
    C1020P,R 99.96
    --- Oxygen-free
    C1100P,R 99.90
    --- Tough pitch
    C1220P,R ditto 0.015 to
    Phosphorus deoxidized
    Physical Properties
      Metrics Units
    Density 8.92 g/cm3
    Thermal Conductivity 390 W/mK
    Electrical Resistivity 1.71 microhm/cm
    Coeff. of Thermal Expansion 17.64 PPM/oC
    Electrical Conductivity (annealed) 0.586 megamho/cm
    Modulus of Elasticity 117 kN/mm2

    Numax Steel exports Copper alloy Plates C101, Copper alloy Plates C110, Copper alloy Plates C210, Copper alloy Plates C220, Copper alloy Plates C102 to Saudi Arabia, Uae, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Iran, United States Of America, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Turkey, France, European Union, New Zealand, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Lebanon, Spain, Indonesia, Malasia, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Brazil, Singapore And Netherlands.

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